Prefab House in East Troy, WI

Prefabricated houses may not enjoy as much popularity as conventional abodes but they've come a long way in being able to provide a sturdy and safe environment to dwellers. They also boast added features not found in 'secured' houses which appeal to the unconventional at heart.

What exactly are prefab houses? How do they differ from mobile homes? Well, a prefabricated house is a manufactured house which isn't constructed from scratch on-site but is manufactured in sections sort of like puzzle pieces. prefab house in East Troy, WI. prefab house in East Troy, WI. The sections are transported to the site and fitted together to create a complete house.

Prefab houses have become popular over recent years because they offer a low-cost solution to people unable to afford the exorbitant prices attached to conventional houses. Since these homes can be customized, buyers have the freedom of specifying whether it's a small or large house they want, whether it should have a flat or sloped roof and so on.


As mentioned above, prefabricated houses are flexible whether it's a one-bedroom house or a luxury dwelling with all the trimmings. They can be designed to conform to more traditional architecture, contemporary or futuristic. No longer are they the dull, gray, cold-looking structures we thought they were.

Speed of construction

Conventional homes take a long time to build especially luxurious abodes. Not so with prefab houses which can take only a couple of weeks to complete. Not only does this factor bring down the cost of construction - since the cost of materials tends to increase with time - but it offers a superb solution to people in need of immediate housing in the wake of natural or man-made calamities.


Low cost is the driving factor behind the popularity of prefab homes. Since everything can be constructed, transported and assembled in a matter of weeks, labor and construction costs are reduced. Additional expenses are reduced too since most of the exterior and interior work is done prior to setting up the house. This means that the initial estimates given to customers are usually what they have to pay with little added expense.

Precision work

Prefab houses have sections that fit into each other like a jigsaw puzzle. This means precision work that won't come apart easily. Sections that need repair only have to be 'unplugged' while another piece is constructed to easily fit into the slots.

More environmentally friendly

Unlike conventional houses that require a lot of power and material, prefab homes don't. Most manufacturers sell specific designs and even custom work is plotted to precision. Since on-site construction is reduced and manufacturers follow set designs, there's less wastage of materials, fuel and power.

A green feather in the cap is insulation which prefab houses feature in spades. Heating and cooling needs are, therefore, reduced and homeowners save money on expensive utility bills.

Types of prefab structures: The term 'prefab house' can be used to mean three types of dwellings. Modular homes which are made into sections to be assembled; manufactured homes which are constructed on steel beams as complete sections and later assembled; and mobile homes which can move from place to place.

If ever there comes a time when you feel the need to live a simpler life or, god forbid, you're no longer able to afford a conventional house, consider what prefab homes have to offer.

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